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May 7, 2021

We are joined by DC comics expert Michael Spellacy as we go through the history of the Justice League and the unmade George Miller film Justice League: Mortal.


Clips used in this episode:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)

Paperman (2009)

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Justice League of America (1997)

Justice League The...

Apr 30, 2021

Tony Goldmark joins us again! But this time to talk about his personal account of his start with Channel Awesome and the unmade film that he was nearly a part of The Devil's Jesters.


Clips used in this episode:

"Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" by Rachel Bloom

Mr. Show (1995) The Independent Nations Games

"Apologize" by...

Apr 23, 2021

Who wouldn't want to watch a musical Garfield movie about the end of times?
Clips used in this episode:
Batman (1989)
Cardinal Cinema The Story of Jim Davis (Garfield Documentary)
Garfield (2004)
Garfield and Friends (1988)
Happy Birthday, Garfield! (1988)
Glarfieldiator El-Cid
Here Comes Garfield (1982)
The Real...

Apr 16, 2021

Before the Mandalorian and the Disney buyout, plans of a live action Star Wars television show was in the works with a plan for a $50 million pilot and 400 episodes.

Clips used in this episode:
The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)
Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985)
Solo (2018)
Jurassic Park (1993)
Star Wars Underworld...

Apr 9, 2021

What would it take for there to be a RoboCop sequel in a post 2020 world? 

"RoboCop Rap" performed by Michael William Hunter

Clips used in this episode:

Community (2009)

Gabriel Gundacker Vine (Favorite Movie)

RoboCop (1987)

Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

Little Monsters (2017)

Meet Colonel RoboCop, KFC Commercial