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Dec 31, 2021

Andrew Frola of VirtualRook (and formally The "Weird Al" Phabet) joins us to discuss P.T. the Playable Teaser by Hideo Kojima for his unmade game Silent Hills.





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Clips used in this episode:
P.T. (2014)
Silent Hills Trailer (2014)
Message from Guillermo del Toro (P.T.) - KONAMI
Hideo Kojima at MTV 2009 GDC Awards
Metal Gear Solid Trailer (1997)
Metal Gear Solid (1998)
The Room (2003)
Antarctic Adventure (1983)
Snow White (1937)
Giant Bomb at Nite: Death Stranding
Music by Kevin MacLeod
"Discovery Hit"
"Jazz Brunch"
"Miami Nights"